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3 Critical Trading Fundamentals Which Will Transform Your Knowledge Into Options Trading Success


Here is your opportunity to build a foundation in options trading and receive three critical trading fundamentals that will transform your knowledge into options trading success

About the Authors

Jim and Steve, who manage analysis and education at the highly regarded OptionVue Research, have done an excellent job making fairly complex concepts very understandable. They limit the scope to three key reasons for using options: speculation, enhancing your returns, and managing risk in your portfolio.


Just wanted to send you a message about making $7000 on a 9 day trade I just did on a BHP Short that traded after I identified a breakdown after your session where you pointed out an MA on it. I am so happy with the knowledge you have given me, and am so confidently rejecting suggested trades that I would have normally taken that more often than not go in the opposite direction

Richard (Melbourne, Australia)
Discover the Greeks and lessen your risk
Knowledge of the greeks will direct you to select the correct strike price and series for minimum risk. 
Increase the accuracy of your trade
Including price volatility and time analysis into your forecast dramatically increases your chance of success. 
Always choose the correct strategy
Your understanding of implied volatility will guide you to chose the correct strategy dictated by the percentile ranking of implied. 
Guaranteed access to an experienced active trader
Your ongoing access to experience and cutting edge trading tools is guaranteed by Options21
Webinar presenter: Paul Wise, BCom, CEO of Options21
In 1993 Paul Wise graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce. He started his career as a registered representative of the Sydney Futures Exchange.  Working as a sell-side market analyst Paul has acquired a broad range of skills which he is always willing to share with his audience. Specifically Paul’s unique area of knowledge is understanding volatility and its implications on options valuation and trade selection. Paul has a deep understanding of the structural evolution of accumulation and distribution, and the institutional trading behaviour that supports a directional view.
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