Please note that the content of this CD is now available for immediate download as our “Free Options Trading eBook“!

Note: This CD can no longer be ordered. See note above.

We have compiled this CD with a wealth of information, not just for the beginner but also for intermediate and advanced traders. It contains a pdf document with 72 pages of information, including charts, recordings and trade examples!

Teaching others all about how to trade options is our business and we are good at it! We take pride in turning beginners – or any level traders for that matter – into better traders with our options trading courses. You may not be ready to invest in major education just yet, but here we are offering you a starting point: our Free Options Trading CD. (The topics covered by this CD are listed at the bottom of this page.)

A quick insight into the topics on this CD

For the beginner:

  • What is an option?
  • The intrinsic value of an option
  • Time decay
  • The myths of options trading

For the intermediate trader:

  • Options terminology
  • Why we use spreads
  • Bull call spread example
  • Bull put spread example
  • Where to learn how to trade volatility and price

For the advanced trader

  • The psychology of trading
  • Developing your trading system
  • Trade example