Options21 Traders Group

This is not an actual training course, but a subscription based service aimed to support the more experienced trader with a weekly up to date market analysis.

Do you trade the stock market?

Whether you invest in the stock market for capital growth or whether you are interested in buying options over stocks, you need to know where the market is moving to next in order to make the right investment choices. While there are no crystal balls or magic formulas, experienced market watchers and long term traders are often able to predict upcoming market trends with amazing reliability. We put ourselves in that category! Just have a look at our blog: http://options21.blogspot.com.au/.

Do you know the current market trend?

Successful trades can generally be found trading those stocks which are in trend alignment with the overall stock market. So determining the current stock market trend is one of the basic prerequisites for successful investing and trading.

At Options21 we use the index “S&P 500” to form a global view of the overall stock market. An index is a method of displaying the overall performance of an exchange’s listed stocks. Interestingly, when an index is moving up, approximately 75% of stocks which make up the index are moving up with it. So looking at an index can help you “see” the market trend more clearly. Successful trades are usually found trading those stocks which are in trend alignment with the index.

During our Traders Group we identify the different stages of the S&P 500 index. We define the stages of the market in terms of accumulation, trading, termination and counter trend stages. We decide on the overall direction of the stock market, which becomes our frame work to making trading decisions.

What is Traders Group?

Options21 Traders Group is a subscription based service which is delivered via weekly webcasts using GotoWebinars. The moderator is Paul Wise, who will spend one hour going through every aspect of the market, pointing out potential trading and investment opportunities along the way. Each session is recorded and can be accessed by subscribers who were not able to make it to the live webcast. Attendees can ask questions live and ask for feedback from the other attendees.

What does it cost?

Subscription to Traders Group costs $100 per month. This fee is charged to your credit card at the start of every subscription month. You can cancel this subscription any time, with a minimum of two week’s notice before the first of the following month. Please note that you can trial Traders Group free for one calendar month.

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Please note: Traders Group is all about providing you with knowledge and information, however we cannot provide specific investment recommendations and advice.