The function of this course is to empower you with trading knowledge. This course contains a number of topics which represent a trading process, which develops you into a disciplined trader. The process in this course contains all the elements required for successful options trading.

They include

  • Trade discovery
  • Defining entry points
  • Timing your entry
  • Defining exit points
  • Defining risk exposure
  • Defining profit potential
  • Defining the correct options strategy
  • Demonstrating how correct position sizing can enhance your profits

The course is split into 7 modules. Each module may be split into up to 3 parts.
The course is delivered via the Options21 Mentoring Cloud. Take the time to listen to each section of this trading process carefully. It was broken into roughly 30 minute chunks so you can listen via mobile device in any location in any environment. As you work through each module, you will start formulating valuable questions that I will answer at the end of the course.

For an in-depth listing of modules please visit the Spy Weekly’s Course Content page.

This course is valued at AUD 6,621.-