Options trading software designed by experienced option traders: OptionVue is one of the leading options analysis software packages and continues to offer advanced trading tools that help you make better trading decisions.

Your Complete Options Trading Solution!

OptionVue’s easy navigation and interface provide beginners with the controls they need to start trading today! OptionVue is delivered preset with the most accurate models and our most popular defaults, to get even the most novice traders up and running quickly. Advanced users can fine tune by choosing their own settings to suit their trading preferences.

OptionVue can help you:

  • Select higher probability opening trades
  • Keep you out of low probability trades
  • Identify the best strategies to use
  • Make adjustments and manage risk
  • Test strategies before you trade
  • Track your entire portfolio’s risk

OptionVue for New Traders

So you want to learn how to trade options? Learn to trade options with OptionVue. Many successful option traders started using OptionVue at the same time they started to learn about options trading. OptionVue helps new traders understand how options work, the benefits/detriments of different positions and trading styles, how options react to changes in volatility, time decay effects and much more.

Shorten your learning curve through OptionVue’s BackTrader module. BackTrader allows you to accomplish months of “paper-trading” in a mere few short hours. The BackTrader module provides access to actual historical option prices so you can create theoretical trade positions then step forward by 1/2 hourly or daily increments and watch how the positions react to changes in volatility and price. With BackTrader, you will see the dramatic effects of time decay before you put your capital at risk!

OptionVue for Intermediate Traders

Want to increase your trading “edge”? OptionVue is the right analysis tool for you! Use the unmatched power of OptionVue to help you trade smarter. Now that you have experienced real-life option trading and have seen how changes or shifts in volatility and how time decay can affect your multi-legged positions, it’s time to use the most robust options analysis platform and project these changes before you place a trade!

Expand your knowledge by learning the nuances of different position styles while the TradeFinder provides guidance and direction the entire way. Use OpScan to find the assets that meet your trading criteria and then use the TradeFinder to recommend trading strategies based on your time and price projections on these assets. Take a non-directional approach and use bell curve analysis to perform TradeFinder simulations. TradeFinder will even suggest enhancements to your current positions and provide Delta-neutral recommendations.

OptionVue for Professional Traders

Enhance your success by using the most advanced options analytics available. Whether you’re a floor trader, electronic trader, money or fund manager, OptionVue can help increase your “edge” by providing truer analysis with the most powerful volatility modeling methods in the industry: the Variable Volatility model.

Volatility modeling is OptionVue’s strength. Unlike most analytical tools which use average volatility levels within calculations, OptionVue considers the actual vertical and horizontal skew curves when analyzing option positions. What’s more, OptionVue’s Variable Volatility model makes adjustments to future projected volatility for both time decay and price movement to provide further refined analysis.

OptionVue’s Professional Edition supercharges the already powerful Standard Edition and expands its functionality by allowing for manual volatility skew adjustments and comprehensive risk analysis. Analyze any size or combination of options/underlying as an aggregate or broken-down position. Detailed Analysis provides in-depth information in a “market maker” style format so critical option parameter values can be seen for all strikes in a spread-sheet layout for quick and easy viewing.

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