You often find the price of a stock rises or falls significantly after an earnings report. A couple of months ago OptionVue introduced a new set of tools for trading options around earnings announcements. They called this new module “Earnings Plays”.

More about the Earnings Plays Module

Trading Earnings reports is now made easy with the “Earnings Plays” module of OptionVue 8, an innovative new approach to evaluating, optimising and trading options strategies to profit from earnings announcements. It gives you quality rankings and past success rates for trades, detailed instructions on when to open and close each trade, and many other tools to help you make your trading decisions.

OptionVue can track five different kinds of earnings strategies:

  • Prime Movers: Stocks that make big moves (possibly overvalued options).
  • Prime Non-Movers: Stocks making smaller-than-expected moves (possibly overvalued options).
  • Earnings Pairs: Two stocks (same industry), only one of which is announcing earnings.
  • Echoes: Two stocks (same industry), with one announcing 1-18 days after the other.
  • Runners: Stocks that tend to “run” in price after the earnings announcement.

Trading Earnings Reports – Watch this Introduction!

In the following video Len Yates from OptionVue Systems introduces the Earnings Plays Module and shows how easy it is to track trading opportunities and exactly what action to take, including when to get in and out of the trade.

View the recording

This methodology is unique and could totally change the way you look at or trade options markets!