November 2011. I have been in the markets some 25 years with mixed results. I have been with your group for some 4 months after training & have already witnessed 3 great trading campaigns. Your system really works well and is comprehensive covering identifying potential trade, entry, managing the trade & exit.

Not only to you personally & thoroughly train new traders in your system until they are ready – which itself is a fantastic training program, your traders group is invaluable in keeping on track with current opportunities in the market & how to fine tune & apply whatever was learnt in the course. This combination of a winning system with support is tremendous.

Now that a few months have gone I have observed how you have a lot of integrity, honesty & caring for your clients offering free of charge, to individually assist those who were having trouble starting off on the system and being available for correspondence.

If I were reading this testimonial I would take it with more than a grain of salt. Having experienced this & tried several systems, I can say you have delivered where others have only promised.

Abraham B. (NSW)