July 2016. I recently completed the Option Mentoring Course. Prior to starting the course I had a number of years of options trading experience but I had no real trading plan and my results were very mixed.

I really enjoyed the course and whilst I some previous experience the course gave me a greater understanding of options, how they really work and a number of different trading strategies. The course taught me how to find stocks to trade and most importantly entry points and when to exit the trade. I really enjoyed Paul’s “non-text book” approach and his regular synopsis of the overall market both in Australia and the US (and other countries if relevant at the time). Paul is also an active trader and investor in the markets and you are being taught by someone who is actually “doing it” and not just teaching theory.

About 3 or 4 weeks before the end of the course I was confident enough to place 3 live trades and they were all profitable.

Following completion of the course Paul remains available for support by email or phone and this is a huge benefit to the program.

Barry L.

Barry L (SA)