May 2011. In order to be successful in the markets you not only need discipline and perseverance, but a solid foundation taught by experienced professionals who do it for a living like Paul & Nils at Options21. This is a professional course tailored to individual learning styles through the one on one coaching. Options21 teach proven techniques for trade entry, management and exit, but most importantly they teach you when to be in the markets and when not to be in the markets, so you only select high probability trades. These guys are the real deal and not only cover the the technical and fundamental drivers of the markets, but also the psychology of trading and money management.

The ongoing support to help you get up and running is fantastic and I recovered the cost of the course a few weeks into our first campaign. This is truly a mentoring experience with the techniques taught by Options21 also being transferable to instruments other than options. Options21 have provided me with the tools to help increase my trading account by 30% in the four months since completing the course and I am still improving as I gain more experience.

R. Gilmour (NSW)