The VXX Trading System Performance

Notes dated 14th of February 2017

Since we introduced the new system on March 7, 2016 the system is up 245%!
VXX Trading System Performance 2016
Of course, since the end of last year we have had a lot of people who were skeptical, saying they thought the system has run its course. They don’t understand that this is not a run-up like a stock or index, but based on the roll yield and market structure of the futures.
If they had just gotten in on the first day of this year, just 6 weeks ago, they would now be up 42.6%
VXX Trading System Performance 2016
And some people have just learned about the system and didn’t have a chance to get in back then. But if they got in just two weeks ago on February 1st they would already have an 11.9% return! A $10,000 investment would have just about paid off the $1,200 cost of the system for the whole year!
VXX Trading System Performance 2016

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